Doraemon movie 39 Chronicle of The Moon Exploration In English Sub


The incident made deadline on State television in Japan at least. Nobita, after he fell down the stairs, watched the movie. He was amazed by it. After watching a breaking news report on "a mysterious white shadow" that appeared on the moon, Nobita is convinced that it is the mythical "Moon Rabbit." After Nobita's class laughs at him for believing in the moon rabbit, Doraemon gives him the “Different Opinion Club Members Badge” to make his theory come true. Using the badge, Doraemon and Nobita travel to the moon and create a civilization of moon rabbits which they name "Moobits."

Meanwhile, an Emperor known as Diabolo and his subordinate, Goddart discuss the whereabouts of a group of people known as the Espals, beings with mysterious powers. The Espals have a prophecy to fulfill. According to legend, the Espals will save Planet Kaguya. Commander Goddart, and the lower ranking Cancer and Crab, set out to search for the Espals.

Doraemon movie 39 Chronicle of Thhe Moon Exploration In English Sub

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