Demon Slayer Arc 02 Asakusa In English Subbed Download Free/Watch Online

 Demon Slayer Asakusa  [Arc 02]  WL[1080p] English Sub Watch Online/Download Free

Series Infro

Name: Demon Slayer Siblings Bond 

Japanese Title:Asakusa Hen

No.Of Arc-02

Genres: Action, Supernatural

Studios: ufotable

Duration:1hr45 Mins

Status: Finish

Rating:R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


             Tanjiro and Nezuko cross paths with two powerful demons who fight with magical weapons. Even help from Tamayo and Yushiro may not be enough to defeat these demons who claim to belong to the Twelve Kizuki that directly serve Muzan, the demon responsible for all of Tanjiro's woes! But if these demons can be defeated, what secrets can they reveal about Muzan?

                  English Dub Not Available 🙋

         Demon Slayer Arc 02 Asakus In English Sub

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