My Gym Partner's A Monkey Season 01 All Episodes In Tamil Dubbed Download Free/Watch Online

 My GYM Partner's A Monkey Season 01 All Episodes Tamil Dubbed Watch Online/Download Free

Series Info:

Name: My Gym Partner's Monkey 

No. of Episodes: 25

Genres: Animation,Short,Adventure,Comedy, Family

Duration: 12 min. per EP

RatingPG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Status: Finish 


        A 12-year-old student named Adam Lyon is transferred to a middle school established for anthropomorphic zoo animals due to a spelling error making his surname "Lion". There, he is befriended by a mischievous, eccentric spider monkey named Jake, hence the title of the series, along with a sassy toucan named Lupe, a giraffe named Ingrid, who is infatuated with Adam, the intelligent, wise gorilla Windsor, and Slips the easygoing python. In spite of his usual kindness and fondness for his friends, Adam despises being banished to Charles Darwin Middle School because of something beyond his control and longs for his previous human middle school.

Usually, the episodes are focused on Adam's experiences at Charles Darwin Middle School due to his inability to fit in with his anthropomorphic schoolmates, the challenges that he must face (such as the presumed stupidity of his peers, being schooled in subjects of use only to animals, the introductions of new students of odd, dangerous, or fictional species to the school or the misadventures that Adam stumbles into with them, or the common effects of adolescence as they are experienced by zoo animals

           My GYM Partner's A Monkey Season 01


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